Who uses propane?

Propane is used by millions of Americans each day.

People use propane in and around their homes for furnaces, water heaters, air conditioners, outdoor grills or barbeques, fireplaces, and appliances.  Propane is also commonly used for RVs or recreational vehicles like campers..   

On farms, propane-fueled equipment and technologies control pests, dry crops, and power irrigation pumps.

Industrial uses include propane-driven forklifts and fleet vehicles.

And millions of commercial establishments, including restaurants and hotels, depend on propane for heating, cooking, and other uses.

RV Propane Tanks

For many years propane has been known to be a clean, efficient, safe way for heating, refrigerating and cooking for RVs. 

  • It is a very clean fuel source. 
  • It is less expensive than gasoline. 
  • Businesses that provide it are found almost everywhere.
  • It will be available for many years as there is no shortage of it. 
  • Propane is very safe fuel source to use.

Using RV propane tanks is the most effective and versatile fuel source you can have. It is thought that propane in RVs is mostly used to cook with, but it does not stop there. Propane also provides warm air to heat your RV. It is also used to refrigerate your food and many generators can be converted to operate using propane.  

Barbeque Propane

If you are like most people summertime is a great time for barbequing.  If you have a propane barbeque or gas grill you can enjoy your favorite foods like hot dogs, chicken, steak etc. all year long.  Barbequing and using propane makes it so easy and quick to prepare your meal even when it is cold outside like in the wintertime.  Propane tanks are easy to get filled or to replace the empty barbeque propane tank with a full one.  

Blackhawk Propane can provide all of your RV propane, Barbecue propane for you to enjoy the pleasures of traveling, camping or just enjoying a wonderful meal using your gas grill at home.  

LP tanks

Liquefied Petroleum is just another name for propane. We will fill LP tanks for barbecue grills, recreational vehicles and other uses at our office on Doner Drive in South Beloit. 

Remember, every sixth refill of your 20-pound propane tank is FREE! Simply have your Blackhawk Propane LP Card stamped with every fill.