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At Blackhawk Propane we strive to make all of our services, including our billing process, as convenient as possible. 

With our seamless service, you will likely not even notice that our truck has been to your site and filled your tank. You don't have to be home and if you sign up for our convenient Keep-Full Service, you won't have to call to place your order. We will come automatically to top off your propane tank on a regular basis. 

Keep-Full Service

Blackhawk Propane's convenient Keep-Full Service helps customers ensure they never run out of propane, especially during the winter heating season. This service is offered at no extra charge to our customers. In September, we will top off your propane tank so you will be ready when the winter heating season comes. Then, once per month from November through April, we'll come out and top off your tank, ensuring you a ready fuel supply when you need it most.

If you don't choose the Keep-Full Service, we recommend that you call us before your gauge indicates your tank is 20 percent full. That will allow enough time for our delivery person to get there well before you run out of fuel.

Pre-Buy Programs

For cost-conscious homeowners, Blackhawk Propane also offers the money-saving pre-buy program. Customers can opt to purchase a year's worth of propane fuel during the off-season summer months of July and August. This guarantees a firm price for the number of gallons you anticipate using before March 31 of the next year, so price fluctuations won't be a factor during the high-demand heating season. 

We offer two payment options for the Pre-Buy program: 

• Full-payment - We offer our lowest per-gallon rate to customers who provide full payment including applicable sales tax by the mid-August pre-buy deadline. 

• Six Payment Plan - Following a deposit based on the number of gallons you contract for, you can make six equal monthly payments starting in September. 

After the pre-buy deadline in mid-August, we order the pre-buy program propane right away so we can guarantee a full supply at the rate we quoted.

For more information about any of our convenience programs, call us at 815-389-3522.