Commercial Propane Tanks

Because propane is a clean-burning, reliable energy source, many businesses choose it for powering vehicles, generators and manufacturing processes. Many businesses also use propane just as our residential customers do: for heating a building, cooking, decorative lighting and water heating. 

Blackhawk Propane supplies fuel to businesses for generating heated water or steam for manufacturing, to power commercial dryers or to run kilns.

Even if propane is not the primary fuel source, many businesses use it as a secondary or temporary fuel source. For example, a factory may use propane for a back-up fuel source to ensure continued operation even when the primary fuel source is unavailable or expensive due to price fluctuations. 

Propane is also an excellent source of temporary heat during the construction phase of a building project, even if the building will eventually use natural gas. We've supplied propane for such projects as the Beloit Inn, Beloit Memorial Hospital and many other projects while they were under construction.

Propane is an efficient fuel source for vehicles, especially forklifts. Many companies prefer the use of propane-powered forklifts, especially for indoor use, because they operate with little pollution and they don't have to be recharged for long periods, like electric models do. They are also less expensive to purchase and to run. As a result, nearly 500,000 forklift trucks in use are powered by propane, according to the National Propane Gas Association. Commercial propane is a clean-burning fuel that is also used for millions of bus, taxi, delivery and other fleets to minimize air pollution in metropolitan areas. Blackhawk Propane specializes in 33 pound commercial propane cylinders that are used in operating forklifts. We can also supply other sizes as well.

Blackhawk Propane is an active member and in good standing with the NPGA (National Propane Gas Association) and the State of Illinois and State of Wisconsin Propane Gas Associations. This allows us to keep up to date with all the code and governmental regulations and requirements.  

Blackhawk Propane can assist and help determine what commercial propane uses your company can best benefit from now and in the future. We can manage any and all commercial propane uses and are available to consult with you at any stage of your operation, whether that is during construction or after you open your doors and are operational. We can help your business.

Wholesale commercial propane in bulk quantities may also be purchased through Blackhawk Propane.