Guarantee Your Propane Price For Winter

Pre-Buy Propane Programs

Man filling up a propane tank

While we are now enjoying our summer, Blackhawk Propane would like to reimnd you that to have a guaranteed propane price for next winter you must prepare now. 

Blackhawk Propane is offering our money saving pre-buy programs that guarantee you a firm price for the number of gallons that you contract for. These programs are a wonderful way to budget and save on your propane needs this winter.  With the response we have had in the past with our pre-buy programs we know that you find it very helpful in controlling your heating costs. Please give us a call at 815-389-3522 or stop by 1000 Doner Drive South Beloit, Illinois and ask about our propan pre-buy programs and SAVE MONEY!

Using more propane during these winter month?

Higher Propane Use in the Winter

With these colder months propane use has increased. Don't forget to call for propane fill prior to your propane tank being 20%full.

Thank you for the business and trust in Blackhawk Propane.  We are your propane provider for home, farm and industry.  Locally owned and operated giving you, your family and your business the propane products and services you need.

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