About Us

Blackhawk Propane Company, Inc., is a family-owned supplier of propane for thousands of residential, farm and industry customers in the Wisconsin-Illinois stateline area.

Robert Zeek, Sr., and Dan Bruschi started the company in 1953 on Blackhawk Boulevard in South Beloit, Illinois. Back then, the company focused mainly on supplying gas and other welding supplies to industrial clients. 

Through the years, the need for a local supplier of propane grew. In 1994, the welding supply component of the company was sold and the headquarters of Blackhawk Propane moved to the company's storage site on Doner Drive. 

Today, Robert Zeek, Jr., is president of the company and his mother Ann and brother Scott are also involved in making Blackhawk Propane the customer-focused company stateline residents know and trust for all their propane needs. 

The other employees of Blackhawk Propane, including manager Phil Elmer who has been with the company for 35 years, are also committed to providing personal service. Because Blackhawk Propane is locally owned and operated, customers are treated like the friends and neighbors that they are to us.

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and competitive prices. We also offer our customers superior equipment. For example, we install a two-stage regulatory system that has many advantages over the one-stage regulators some companies use, including the elimination of pressure fluctuations that can case problems with some appliances.

Emergency service is always just a call away 24 hours a day at 1-800-371-3522. When you call Blackhawk Propane, you'll speak to one of our experienced professionals who will quickly assess the situation and come to your home or business if needed to restore your service promptly.

Blackhawk Propane Company, Inc. is a member of the Beloit Chamber of Commerce, the Rockford Chamber of Commerce, the Illinois Propane Gas Association, Wisconsin Propane Gas Association and the National Propane Gas Association.